Steve Higginbotham – has a long experience of stewardship and best practice and plays a major role in raising standards and awareness of water protection.

Key Achievements and Skills

  • Developed and implemented nematicide stewardship in the UK and trained approximately 1000 farm operators in the safe use of granular soil insecticides
  • Developed and introduced e-learning tools to strengthen water protection and nematicide stewardship. These modular courses attracted NRoSO cpd points

  • Established a wide network of contacts in the crop protection industry and with key personal in the water industry, Defra and  NGOs.

  • As a member of the VI water steering group developed the decision tree concept and text messaging to promote best practice within the VI Pilot Catchments.

  • Chaired industry Isoproturon Stewardship Group to raise awareness within the broader agricultural industry of the issues related to water protection

  • Instigated and managed the Cherwell Study which researched the routes by which surface-water can be contaminated with isoproturon.

Stewardship Limited can provide:

  1. Product stewardship management 
  2. Operator training materials 
  3. Biobed advice
  4. Water catchment farming advice
  5. Biodiversity training and advice (BETA trained)